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Discover the inspiring journey of Aamirah, a small-town girl with a big passion for art & makeup!

Aamirah, hailing from the beautiful town of Madurai, had always been captivated by the world of art and makeup. Despite her background in HR, her true passion lay in the transformative power of cosmetics. Determined to pursue her dreams, she took a bold step and embarked on a journey to learn and master the art of makeup.

Through dedication and countless courses from many artists, Aamirah honed her skills and expertise in the world of makeup. Her love for enhancing natural beauty grew stronger with every brushstroke. Now, she is ready to share her talent with others and help them feel confident and radiant.

Aamirah's expertise in enhancing features and creating customized looks will leave you feeling confident and radiant.

With her exceptional skills and attention to detail, she can create stunning eye makeup looks that will make you feel like a true goddess.

In 2019, Aamirah and Irfan came together to create something truly special - Kallos Vanity Cosmetics. This rising star in the beauty industry is making waves with its premium quality products that are capturing the hearts of customers all over India.

Aamirah is not just a brand, but a trusted educator in the world of makeup. With their professional makeup classes, they have empowered numerous students to embark on their own exciting makeup journey.

Imagine gaining the skills and knowledge needed to create stunning makeup looks, and having the confidence to start your own makeup business. Aamirah's classes offer comprehensive training, insider tips, and hands-on experience to help you turn your passion into a rewarding career.

Book your appointment with Aamirah today and experience the magic firsthand.

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